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Porterhouse with Red Wine Jus and Crispy Onion Rings

Porterhouse with Red Wine Jus and Crispy Onion Rings

 Make an easy red wine jus



      • 2 Porterhouse or eye fillet steaks – cooked to your taste
      • 75 ml PINOT NOIR GLAZE
      • Meat trimmings, 1 sliced onion, bay leaf and rosemary
      • Beef stock to cover or 500ml
      • 1 onion – sliced into rings
      • 1 egg - beaten
      • 2 tbs gluten free flour
      • 1 tbs of CAMPFIRE BBQ RUB
      • Oil for deep frying (may be also air fried)
      • 1 tspn of butter
      • Sauté potatoes and steamed greens to serve


    1. Trim the steaks of any excess fat and sinew
    2. Place the meat trimmings in a cold frypan, put on a low heat and render all the fat away. The meat will gradually brown and become crispy golden. Add the first onion, bay leaf and rosemary or thyme sprigs, cover with beef stock, bring to the boil, reduce heat and simmer and hour or so. Or for as long as you have. If you only have 30 mins that’s fine, just increase the heat a little to reduce the stock. Strain and reserve the liquid. You should have around 100ml. You can even do this the day before.
    3. Combine the flour and CAMPFIRE BBQ Rub, toss the second onion into the beaten egg and coat in the flour mix. Deep fry in hot oil or spray and air fry until crispy golden. Reserve.
    4. Cook the steak to your liking, remove from the pan and place in a warm place to rest – remembering the rule of thumb is to rest for as long as the cooking time was.
    5. Add the strained liquid from the trimmings, and around a 150ml of PINOT NOIR GLAZE to the meat juices left in the in the pan used for cooking the steak, heat slowly and throw in the knob of butter. Allow to melt into the jus.
    6. Serve with the steak and the crispy Tobacco Onions.
    7. We like to serve these with crispy sauté potatoes made using our ROASTED VEGIE SPRINKLE and a side of greens.
    8. If you don't have any meat trimmings or if time is short, you can simply combine the PINOT NOIR GLAZE with the meat juices in the pan and reheat slowly, add a small knob of butter and allow to melt and combine with the sauce. This will thicken and give the sauce a wonderful glaze.






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