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As an ex professional  chef, I love to keep up with food trends and experiment with different flavours, and good food and nutrition will always be my passion. You can imagine my devastation when, in 2010, I was diagnosed as being Coeliac.

I needed to make major changes to my diet, and fast. Not only were bread and pasta banned – and back then the gluten free options were pretty bad – but more misery followed when I discovered that soy sauce, and the vinegars used in my favourite BBQ sauces were also on the black list!

The world tilted on its axis … until I started experimenting,  and came up with some pretty good substitutes.  The result of all these endeavours was a surplus of lots of different condiments, of which I had do something with, so I started giving away as gifts. In 2014, a Christmas gift to a friend sparked a demand for my sauces, and the Basketcase story started.

Basketcase -  because only a crazy person would work full time, manage a family, start a part time business, and at Christmas of all times!

Slowly but surely our products have evolved, Basketcase is now a full-time business employing three people, and now encompass the following categories, with new products in development all the time.

  • Glazes and Marinades
  • Salad Dressings
  • Salts and Flavour Rubs
  • Sauces and Relishes

Our products are all created in small batches, in South Melbourne and our new headquarters in Altona North. We combine and blend the finest of natural ingredients to create products that are of high quality; and are a perfect match with the amazing and diverse fresh produce that Australia has to offer.

Our products come from nature, and we all know that Mother Nature changes -  chillies are not always of the same heat, tomatoes of the same ripeness -  so you may see some slight differences in our batches from time to time, depending on the seasons.

We hope to inspire all cooks to take their cooking to the next level using our range of gourmet products to produce a professional and delicious result.   

Check out our Recipes collection to get inspiration for your next culinary creation!

We would love to see your creations and what you do with our products, so be sure to drop us a line to let us know how you are going.


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